Silicone Rubber Gaskets

Silicone rubber is a rubber material commonly used in our custom gasket manufacturing process due to its ability to withstand high temperatures. Silicone rubber is an excellent choice for use:

  • In liquid silicone injection molding applications
  • As silicone gum in the compression molding process
  • In high altitude situations in the aerospace industry
  • In molding applications for use in the medical industry
  • For the production of implants
  • In electrical connector insert applications in electronics manufacturing
  • In any industry where high temperature sterilization environments exist

The type of silicone rubber that A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. uses in fabricating its custom rubber gaskets contains a "backbone" of silicon-oxygen links (as opposed to the traditional organic rubber that has a carbon to carbon (C to C) backbone). Silicone rubbers resistance to environmental factors such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, heat, ozone exposure, and other factors contributing to the aging process, is due primarily to its silicon-oxygen links.

Silicone rubber is designed to be operational between -55°C and +300°C (-67°F and 572°F). In addition to its ability to function effectively in high temperatures, silicone rubber gaskets are far better than conventional rubber gaskets due to their superior tensile strength, elongation, tear strength and compression set. Furthermore, silicone rubber is an inert material that does not react with most chemicals in any given environment.

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