Silicone Foam Gaskets

A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltds. silicone foam gasket manufacturing processes include horizontal splitting, roll slitting (foam gasket tape rolls), die cutting, shearing, skiving, kiss die cutting and custom assemblies. Our facility is also capable of applying a broad range of PSA (pressure sensitive adhesives) to all silicone foam and silicone rubber products, including custom silicone foam gaskets and custom silicone foam seals. There are a number of benefits associated with our silicone foam gaskets:

  • Water sealing - silicone foam gaskets have superb water sealing capabilities, and they feature relatively low compressive forces, making silicone foam gaskets an ideal choice for water-related applications.
  • Dust sealing - both open cell and closed cell silicone foam gaskets can be utilized for keeping out dust, which makes them ideal for use in industrial building, production facilities, manufacturing plants and other general industrial applications.
  • Operating temperature range - silicone foam gaskets have a very wide operating temperature, with a temperature range of approximately -55°C to 200°C (-67°F to 392°F).
  • Compression set resistance - silicone foam gaskets offer superior compression set resistance, which is a measure of the materials resilience (the ability to rebound to their original thickness upon being compressed).
  • Resistance to ozone and UV (ultraviolet) light - silicone foam gaskets have tremendous ultraviolet light and ozone resistant properties due partly to the inorganic backbone of their molecular structure. This feature of silicone foam gaskets is the foundation of their long term performance.

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