Cloth Inserted Rubber Gaskets

At A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd., our gasket inventory includes cloth inserted (CI) rubber gaskets which are best suited in applications that require minimal oil resistance, where hot and/or cold water and gases are being transferred, or where mechanical tension due to compression loads is high (ie. in flanged gasket applications requiring mechanical fastening). Other applications might include the production of control devices, batching devices, regulators, water meters, booster pumps and diaphragms. The types of cloth inserted (CI) rubber gaskets we manufacture are cloth inserted (CI) neoprene rubber gaskets, cloth inserted (CI) SBR red rubber gaskets and cloth inserted (CI) nitrile (buna-n) rubber gaskets.

Our cloth inserted (CI) rubber gaskets are produced from a rubber sheet material that is typically reinforced with one or more plies of fabric such as nylon, cotton, polyester and/or fiberglass for added reinforcement and stability. In comparison, cloth inserted SBR red rubber gaskets, are typically more suitable for use in applications that involves hydraulics, and where air, water or low-pressure steam will be passed through a system.

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