Foam Gaskets

A.J. Rubber & Sponge Ltd. is capable of producing a wide array of foam gaskets for customers in a variety of industries. There is no shortage of industry demand for foam gaskets because they are so commonly used. Foam gaskets can be used to seal liquids in high-pressure applications as well as low-pressure environments to seal out dust, light and air (depending on the make of the raw foam, the material can undergo many different processes to produce low-pressure gaskets by compression of its thickness). Silicone foam is typically not affected by prolonged exposure to temperatures ranging from -53ºC to 201ºC (-65ºF to 395ºF), and they are not subject to decay by aging or degradation from sunlight. Silicone foam also has a number of intrinsic flame resistant properties.

Foam silicone gaskets and silicone foam gaskets are terms commonly used in the gasket manufacturing industry, but they are the same product. Silicone foam gaskets are very similar to silicone sponge gaskets, but the manner in which they are fabricated makes them different. Silicone foam gaskets and seals range from very open cell to mostly closed cell style structures; open cell silicone foam gaskets and seals tend to be best for use as shock or vibration gaskets and dust seals, such as those utilized in automotive applications. On the other hand, closed cell silicone foam gaskets work very well as environmental seals, and are extremely durable and resistant to fluctuations in the environment due to silicones low toxicity characteristics.

Open cell foam (especially the type that is used in the manufacturing process of foam gaskets and seals), is a lightweight product that is produced via a specialized process using liquid silicone ingredients as the base material. In the foam gasket manufacturing industry it is common knowledge that low density silicone foam (which has an open cell structure) may allow moisture to escape, whereas high density silicone foam is more suitable for effective water sealing. With appropriate coverage, achieving long term moisture or weather seals with silicone foam is definitely possible thanks to recent advancements in technology in the custom seal and gasket manufacturing industry.

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